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  • TILTD: T​he Most Comfortable and Secure Way to Hold Your Phone




    The first thing you'll notice when holding your phone with TITLD is how securely that large screen feels in your hand.


    Now that you can more easily check your emails, news, and social media one-handed, you'll be surprised how much more you can multitask.


    TILTD helps shift your phone's weight off your pinky, and evenly distribute it to the three fingers on the back of the device. You won't believe how much lighter your phone will feel!


    TILTD's patented curves were designed to comfortably fit hands of all sizes, whether you're a lefty or right-handed.


    Unlike other phone holders that require you to pull, twist and pop things just to use your phone, flicking TILTD open and closed is truly a one-handed experience!


    Maybe it's us, but those rings, straps and plungers are just kinda goofy looking. At just 5 mm thin, TILTD is discrete!

  • Comes in Lots of Fun Colors!

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